PE Detail up set

IMP-35001R1 (click)   WW2 IJN inclined ladders set A

IMP-35002R1 (click)   WW2 USN inclined ladders set B

IMP-35003R1 (click)   WW2 Royal Navy inclined ladders set C

IMP-35004R1 (click)  WW2 US Navy Radar set

IMP-35005R1 (click)  IJN Type 96 Single Mount 25mm AA Gun Set

IMP-35006R1 (click)  IJN Type 96 Twin Mount 25mm AA Gun Set

IMP-35007R1 (click)  IJN Type 96 Triple Mount 25mm AA Gun Set

IMP-35008R1 (click)  IJN 25mm Ammunition Box Set

IMP-35009R1 (click)  IJN Type 93 13mm Twin Machine Gun Set   

IMP-35010R1 (click)  USN 50Cal. Water Cooled Machine Gun Set  

IMP-35011R1 (click)  20mm Oerlikon Cannon MK IV Mount (Royal Navy)  

IMP-35012R1 (click)  20mm Oerlikon Cannon MK IV Mount A(USN)  

IMP-35013R1 (click)  20mm Oerlikon Cannon MK IV Mount B(USN)  

IMP-35016R1 (click)  MK-141 Harpoon Laucher Set  

IMP-35017R1 (click)  BGM-109 Tomahawk Launcher A  

IMP-35018R1 (click)  BGM-109 Tomahawk Launcher B  

IMP-35019R1 (click)  USN Iowa Class 16″/50 (406mm)  

IMP-35020R1 (click)  USN Bofors 40mm Quad Mount set A(Early) 6pcs  

IMP-35021R1 (click)  USN Bofors 40mm Quad Mount set B(late with shield) 6pcs  

IMP-35022R1 (click)  1/350 Graf Zeppelin Metal Barrels set  

IMP-35023R1 (click)  1/350 DKM 20mm Flak Vierling C/35 set 8pes 

IMP-35024R1 (click)  1/350 Graf Zeppelin Carrier Base Aircraft PE set  

IMP-35025R1 (click)  1/350 IJN Destroyer Kagero Class Torpedo Rail Add on Set

IMP-35026R1 (click)  1/350 USN Alaska Class 12“/50 MK8  

IMP-35027R1 (click)  1/350 Watertight Door Set A (IJN)

IMP-35028R1 (click)  1/350 Watertight Door Set B (USN) 

IMP-35029R1 (click)  1/350 Watertight Door Set C (HMS)

IMP-35030R1 (click)  1/350 Watertight Door Set D (DKN)

IMP-35031R1 (click)  1/350 IJN Type 96 Triple 25mm Gun with Shield Barrels set A

IMP-35032R1 (click)  1/350 IJN Type 96 Triple 25mm Gun with Shield Barrels set B

IMP-35033R1 (click)  1/350 IJN Type 96 Triple 25mm Gun with Shield Barrels set C

IMP-35034R1 (click)  1/350 USN Carrier Aircraft Detail Set A for Merit/Trumpeter (Deluxe)

IMP-35035R1 (click)  1/350 USN Carrier Aircraft Detail Set B for Merit/Trumpeter (Basic)

IMP-35036R1 (click)  1/350 USN Carrier Aircraft Detail Set C for Hasegawa (Deluxe)

IMP-35037R1 (click)  1/350 USN Carrier Aircraft Detail Set D for Hasegawa (Basic)

IMP-35038R1 (click) 1/350 scale SMS Seydlitz Metal Barrels Set

IMP-35039R1 (click)  1/350 USN Type P Mark 6 Catapult Set for Fast Battleship BB-SS North Carolina class

IMP-35040R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 Electric Deck Winch Set  A(IJN)  

IMP-35041R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 Electric Deck Winch Set B(USN) 

IMP-35042R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 Electric Deck Winch Set C(Royal Navy)

IMP-35043R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 JAPANESE NAVY RAIL SET

IMP-35044R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 US NAVY RAIL SET

IMP-35045R1 (click)  1/350 WW2 BRITISH NAVY RAIL SET

IMP-35046R1 (click)  1/350WW2 GERMAN NAVY RAIL SET

IMP-35047R1 (click)  1/350 IMP-35047R1 MODERN US NAVY RAIL SET

IMP-35048R1 (click)  1/350 IMP-35048R1 WW2 Royal Navy Vickers.50cal Quad Mount Set(6mount)

IMP-35049R1 (click)  1/350HMS York Class HMS Exeter 8inch Main Barrels set (6barrels)

IMP-35050R1 (click)  1/350 IMP-35050R1 IJN Catapult No2 M5 Catapult Set 


IMP-35052R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35052R1 WW2 US Navy Depth Charge Set

IMP-35053R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35053R1 BISMARCK Metal Barrels Set A

IMP-35054R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35054R1 BISMARCK Metal Barrels Set B

IMP-35055R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35055R1 DKM 20mm Flak C/38 Single mount set (New release)

IMP-35056R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35056R1 DKM 20mm Flak C/30 Single mount set (New release)

IMP-35057R1 (click) 1/350 IMP-35057R1 DKM 20mm Flak Vierling C/38 set (New release)


IMP-48001R1 (click) 1/48 Tie Down Point Set (Modern USN Aircraft)

IMP-48002R1 (click) 1/48 Tie Down Device Set A (Modern USN Aircraft)

IMP-48003R1 (click) 1/48 Tie Down Device Set B (Modern USN Aircraft)

IMP-72001R1 (click) 1/72 Tie Down Point & Device Set A (Modern USN Aircraft)

IMP-72002R1 (click) 1/72 Tie Down Point & Device Set B (Modern USN Aircraft)


IMP-70001R1 (click) 1/700 WW2 JAPANESE NAVY RAIL set

IMP-70002R1 (click) 1/700 WW2 US NAVY RAIL set

IMP-70003R1 (click) 1/700 WW2 BRITISH NAVY RAIL set

IMP-70004R1 (click) 1/700  WW2 GERMAAN NAVY RAIL set

IMP-70005R1 (click) 1/700 Modern US NAVY RAIL set

IMP-70006R1 (click) 1/700 Modern JMSDF RAIL set





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