IMW-70002R1 Tirpitz For Pit-road/TR05712

IMW-70002R1 Tirpitz (For Pit-road/TR05712)


1. The mast was made of solid Brass with PE for more detail and is sturdy during rigging work.

2. We developed a new type of wooden deck with new material,  thickness of 0.1mm. It is not awkward even on 1/700 products and can be used to express a natural wooden deck.

3. Our wooden deck is so thin that the  under color can be revealed through th wooden be sure you like the color of the wooden deck over the dark color plastic. In case you don’t like the tone of wooden deck which was darkened by color of kit’s deck. you should paint the kit’s deck using brighter tan color or surfacer. Then apply the wooden deck to the kit.

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