IR-0701B Fine lycra rigging Black

IR-0701B Fine lycra rigging Black




We would like to introduce Infini-model’s newest products.

It is a product made of lycra-only material and rigging material made for ships easy and quick to use.

Now, infini-model is releasing rigging material in various scales. The released products are 4 types as follows.


[IR-1101B]  Medium- suitable for 1/200, 1/350 products  (45m.145ft)


[IR-0701B]  Fine – suitable for 1/350 products (45m.145ft)


[IR-0401B]  Super Fine – suitable for 1/700, 1/350 products (45m.145ft)


[IR-0201B]  Ultra Fine – for under 1/700 or for fine RIGGING impressions (45m.145ft)


Thank you.


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