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A set vision: “Various uses of Detail-Up Parts and Enjoyment of  Scale models”



Greetings from a detail-up parts company in Korea, Infini-model.

We are a company that strives to share the enjoyment of scale models, our goal being that more people can utilize detail-up parts, enjoy them and share the newest technologies.It is our goal to consider even the modeler’s hand movements.

The joy of creating models does not just include the satisfaction of completing a product.

We have experienced with our own body and hands that it is more important to strive for the modeler’s satisfaction in each and every process.

Shift your job focus from just the finished product  to the creating process itself. Infini-model’s detail-up products will help you through the most important parts of the job process.

Please keep an eye out for Infini-model.

We will continuously aim to meet the consumer needs and repay them with quality products.

Thank you.


Infini Model Representative / Gang Kuk, Choi

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